• Pupils must arrive on time. For security reasons, doors will be closed twenty minutes after Madrasah start time and will reopen at the stated close time (3.00pm on weekends and 30pm on weekdays).
  • Parents/carers must collect their children promptly at home time. Parents will not be allowed to take their children before class time is over unless this is agreed with Tayyibun Administration beforehand. For early pick up, children will not be released after 2pm;
  • Parents agree to using the Madrasah system for picking up their children and agree to the Madrasah’s policy of not releasing students without first being able verify the identity of the person picking them up;
  • Parents must provide a written note if their child is to be permitted to leave on their own;
  • Parents must inform us if they have, for whatever reason, removed their child from the Madrasah;
  • Tayyibun does not take responsibility for absent children or for informing parents of their child’s non-attendance. It is the sole responsibility of the parent/carer to ensure that their child is attending the Madrasah;
  • Tayyibun is not responsible for the safety of children until they enter Madrasah premises. This excludes the car park and any area outside the front door of the premises. Parents remain responsible for ensuring their children travel safely to and from the Madrasah; 
  • Children living in different addresses must be registered under those different addresses and not under a single address;
  • Parents must ensure pupils bring all books and stationery to class. Each missing book is charged at £10 and missing diary/bag £5;
  • In the event that your child completes their level and requires a new book for the next level up, a standard book fee of £10 will apply.


  • Parents must state on the registration forms if their children have any allergies, learning difficulties/special needs or medical conditions, or any other condition/disposition that may affect their or others’ learning or that may require extra attention. We ask this information so that we can adequately meet all our children’s learning needs.  The Madrasah reserves the right to cancel a child’s registration if the parent/carer fails to disclose important information about their child’s special educational, medical or social needs.  Such information should be provided before registration or at the earliest known time;
  • We reserve the right to remove a child where s/he develops a condition or illness, etc., during the course of the academic year, that may potentially compromise the safety and/or wellbeing and/or comfort of the child him/herself or others or Madrasah/school property, or where this means we cannot adequately provide for the child’s needs;
  • Our staff will not administer any medication to children, who must, if needed, be able to use their own medication;
  • Parents give consent for their child to receive first aid or any necessary medical treatment in the event of accident/injury where parental consent is unobtainable. Medical information will be shared with your child’s teacher and senior staff;
  • Parents agree not to bring their children to the Madrasah where they are suffering from flu, a raised temperature, vomiting or diarrhoea, shortness of breath or wheezing, a cough that disrupts normal activity, distracting pain from earache, headache, sore throat or recent injury, a break out of rash, chicken pox or other contagious illness, or have head lice or nits;
  • Parents agree to picking up their child from the Madrasah where the Supervisor determines the child to be too ill to continue;
  • Pupils must bring their own packed lunches, which must include bottled water. Tayyibun is unable to guarantee the provision of drinking water. Parents agree to ensuring their children bring lunch to the Madrasah, even where their children do not wish to eat anything. There is a no nuts policy at the Madrasah so pupils must not bring nuts in their packed lunch boxes.  We cannot, however, guarantee a nut/allergy free environment.  The Madrasah employs a no food share policy so pupils must not share their lunches with others. Pupils are not permitted to leave the Madrasah to buy lunch or go home for lunch. A £9 lunch fee will be applied where we are compelled to make provision for a child’s lunch;
  • Tayyibun cannot provide any heating or refrigeration facilities to pupils to heat up or store food.



  • All pupils should wear clothing that is modest, loose and covers the whole body. Female students over ten should wear a headscarf and a long dress (e.g. abaya/jilbab/burka). Headscarves should preferably be ‘pull on scarves’ that require no safety pins;
  • Female students must avoid wearing their hair in a high bun and should not wear decorative accessories above their hijab, such as headbands, brooches, etc. No jewellery or makeup, including nail varnish, should be visible;
  • Students must avoid wearing garments or accessories which contradict the spirit of modesty within the Madrasah environment.



  • Please note that registering your child means you have committed to bringing your child to the Madrassah for the full academic year and that you agree to pay the full fees, regardless of any change in your personal circumstances, even if your child attends no classes;
  • After registration all payment(s) must be made within the agreed dates. Tayyibun reserves the right to cancel a child’s registration where correct fees have not been paid on time;
  • By signing the terms and conditions you confirm that you fully understand all terms herein and agree to them, and in the absence of any signed contract/agreement you agree that the Madrasah Terms and Conditions shall act as an agreement/contract;
  • If a child causes damage to Madrasah or school property, the parent/carer must bear the cost of any repairs or replacement;
  • Tayyibun operates a no refund policy. No refunds are issued on the basis of a child failing to settle in. All terminations are subject to a minimum £150 registration fee;
  • Parents registering their children agree that they are able to fulfil their fees obligations;
  • All cheque payments must be cleared before your child can attend classes;
  • For all bounced/unpaid cheques parents are liable to a £20 charge and must select an alternative methods;
  • For parents who are late picking up their children by more than 15 minutes a standard late fee of £5 per 15 minutes per child will be imposed. Persistent late collection of children may result in termination of child’s registration and no refund will be provided;
  • Tayyibun reserves the right to close the Madrasah where adverse weather conditions or other force majeure situations limit our ability to run safely and effectively. etc., and will not be obliged to make up any ‘missed/lost’ days;


  • Pupils must respect each other and all members of staff and should behave appropriately at all times. Misbehaving students may be subject to the misbehaviour procedure, as set out in our Behaviour Policy;
  • Parents will be suitably informed if their child is involved in serious or persistent misbehaviour, who may be placed on report or temporarily or permanently excluded, where appropriate. Suspension or permanent exclusion will usually result from physical violence of any kind, however ‘small’, including things like pushing;
  • We reserve the right to exclude any student on grounds of misbehaviour or if they pose a risk to others, without prior notification;
  • Touching/moving/defacing/damaging school property, may result in automatic suspension or exclusion from the Madrasah;
  • Parents/Carers agree to following the Victim of Bullying Complaints Procedure when attempting to resolve issues of bullying and agree to their child’s place at the Madrasah being withdrawn where this Procedure is not followed;
  • Abusive and/or threatening behaviour by parents or family members towards any Madrasah staff or student or professional partner will result in cancellation of your Madrasah registration(s) without refund;
  • Parents agree to their children not bringing in toys or gadgets to the Madrasah, including tablets and other electronic devices. Tayyibun does not take responsibility for property that is lost, damaged or otherwise stolen in Madrasah premises. Students are not permitted to use mobile phones during all Madrasah hours and are subject to suspension/permanent exclusion where they are in breach of this term.  Students using mobile phones may be banned from bringing them to the Madrasah;
  • Whilst your child is enrolled at the Madrasah you agree to following the Madrasah’s Parking Policy.



  • Should you wish to make a suggestion or register a complaint, please contact us by calling 020 7702 7254 or sending an email to [email protected]. We aim to respond to every complaint within 5 working days. Complaints raised with non-Office/Management staff may not be properly resolved;
  • Please direct all complaints according to the Complaints Procedure, as set out in your child’s Madrasah diary;
  • We request parents speak to a member of Management to register a complaint and not approach Teachers during Madrasah time. This is to avoid causing disruption to students’ learning and putting their safety at risk;
  • There are a total of four formal assessments throughout the Madrasah academic year. To find out about your child’s progress through the year, please attend the Report Days at the end of terms one and two. Students will only have the opportunity to attempt their Mock Exams and Exams on pre-published Exam Days only. Exams can not be taken outside of these dates;



  • We cannot take responsibility for missing resources or personal belongings, or for storing resources left at the Madrasah/school. Where a child damages or loses his/her book or bag, etc., parents remain responsible for purchasing new ones;
  • Parents agree to the possibility that their child will learn in a mixed age group, since students are grouped into classes based on their level. A refund cannot be issued for this reason; 
  • You agree that your child is suitably toilet trained and is able to adequately feed him/herself without assistance. We reserve the right to remove children, without refund, who are not able to independently feed themselves or use the toilet;
  • Management reserve the right to enter gender segregated areas or classrooms in limited but necessary circumstances, such as to investigate bullying or deal with gross misbehaviour, or to carry out important Lesson Observations. Where this happens, students will be given adequate notice and a female staff member will usually be present;
  • Parents/carers accepting a place at the Madrasah consent to the Madrasah’s use of their child’s photograph for updating onto the child’s file on our system, and other information relating to their achievements.
  • Individual opinions held by teachers, speakers or members of staff do not represent that of the organisation, and Tayyibun does not accept any liability for any breach of law in this respect;
  • Parents agree not to contact or attempt to ‘hire’ Tayyibun staff for reasons related to private tuition, leading of taraweeh salah, etc., without first obtaining permission from Management;
  • It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to ensure the Madrasah is given correct address and registration form details and at least three contact numbers before registering their child. The Office must be informed of any changes in a student’s details. Tayyibun reserves the right to terminate a child’s registration without refund where incorrect details are provided on the registration form or where new information isn’t provided to the office for updating, such as new contact and address details;
  • Tayyibun reserves the right to issue references at its own discretion. Reference requests can take 5-10 working days;
  • Parents agree to being available to respond to phone calls during Madrasah hours and to picking up their children from the Madrasah where they are unwell. We may terminate a registration where parents cannot be contacted during Madrasah hours;
  • It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to inform the Madrasah of the child’s parental situation, such as whether his/her parents live separately, etc.;
  • Parents understand that lateness and absence can affect a child’s learning and that their children are required to supplement their learning at the Madrasah by putting in a lot of effort and time at home, including the completing of homework every week;
  • Registering their children means parents agree to the Madrasah academic calendar and are satisfied with the holiday dates therein;
  • Tayyibun reserves the right to relocate within a 3 mile radius before the end of the Madrasah academic year;
  • Failure to comply with any of the terms and conditions may result in the non-refundable withdrawal of your child’s registration;
  • Tayyibun reserves the right to make alterations to courses/curricula/course materials and Teachers without prior notice;
  • Tayyibun Madrasah reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.


The information you provide us will be held by Tayyibun in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Your information is being collected with your consent in order to provide you or your children with pupil learning. Tayyibun institute will not share your information with any other organisation. Information about you or your or child will be held for up to 6 years after your child’s 16th birthday. You may withdraw your consent for the processing of your information at any time by contacting 8 New Road London E1 2AX. You also have a right to complain, object to or access the information that is held and processed about you. Please contact our office to discuss any of the above requests.

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