Latest update from Tayyibun

Assalamu’alaikum Dear Parents & Staff,

We are presently going through an unprecedented crisis at this time and at the forefront of our minds is everyone’s safety and wellbeing.

We have of course been looking carefully at the coronavirus situation and have been working closely with professionals in the healthcare and education sectors to determine the best course of action for our Madrasah.

The health of our students, parents, staff and volunteers is most important and to ensure risk is minimised for everyone we have made the decision to close all our Madrasah branches until at least Sunday 24th May 2020.

The Madrasah will therefore be closed from this weekend, Saturday 21st of March until we are convinced it is safe to open again.

We recommend students revise well what they have learnt this year so far and use their books and any other resources they have been given to ensure they do not forget what they have been learning.

We understand that this will be a difficult time for all parents, students and staff; this is a time when we all need to pull together in sha Allah and make du’a for everyone. We shall do our best, in the meantime, to aim toward a solution that will work for everyone as best as possible in sha Allah.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at the Head Office using the contact details in your child’s diary.

We pray this trial is a means of purification and elevation. May He grant us all protection and patience, for He is our Protector and Saviour.

This page will be updated regularly.

Our response to the Coronavirus

At Tayyibun we aim to be as prepared as possible to deal with the new Coronavirus threat. To help minimise any potential risk, we are taking the following steps at the Madrasah:

  • Sending ill children home:
    Parents of children who are unwell and/or displaying certain symptoms are being asked to collect their children and take them home.
  • No handshake or bodily contact policy:
    As a temporary measure staff and children are required to wash their hands before sitting down to eat their lunch.
  • Washing hands before eating lunch:
    All children are required to wash their hands before sitting down to eat their lunch.
  • Training for staff:
    Staff will be trained on implementing all of the above points.
  • Training for children (will include):
    Washing hands – children will be shown how to wash their hands using the correct technique;
    Correct Coughing and sneezing techniques;
    Not joking about the virus and trivialising its impact;
    The permissibility of staying away from the mosque if symptoms show;
    Not spreading unverified information.

Also, we request that you:

  • Provide prayer mats (optional):
    For greater peace of mind you’re welcome to provide a mat for your child to pray on, although this is a matter of choice for you.
  • Provide a hand sanitiser:
    You are welcome to provide a hand sanitiser for your child to use at the Madrasah, since we are unable at present to provide any. This is also optional.
  • Ensure your children wash hands before and after attending the Madrasah:
    Getting children used to the idea of frequent hand washing is very important.
  • Speak to your children about maintaining strict hygiene practices:
    Clean living and adopting a set of habits promoting cleanliness are especially important now and these will include teaching your children about washing hands and coughing and sneezing correctly, as well as avoiding touching the eyes, mouth and nose and the face in general.
  • Follow the advice on our website:
    Read up about the Coronavirus and how to stay safe by accessing the link to our website below:
  • Rely on Allah and seek His protection:
    We cannot emphasise enough the importance of relying on Allah and seeking His protection and accepting His Decree. We should also encourage our children to do the same.

We shall continue to try to stay up to date on the latest information about the Coronavirus and to provide any important updates, as required. Rest assured that should the need arise, we shall close the Madrasah if we feel that this is the best thing to do.

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